Bachelor's Programme
in Software Engineering Higher IT School at Tomsk State University



September 2022






4 years


Online / Offline

About the university

Tomsk State University (TSU)
is the largest leading classical research university in the Asian part of Russia and
an acknowledged centre
of science, education,
and innovation. TSU
is one
of the top five universities
in Russia according to

the QS BRICS rankings.

Top 250 universities
in the world (QS Rankings)

Tomsk is one of the top
100 student cities in the world
(Quacquarelli Symonds)

200+ areas of study —
education for everyone

TSU is home to 15,000 students from 70 countries all over the world. TSU is a multinational and multicultural university

Why Higher IT school?

Higher IT School as a faculty
of TSU maintains high academic standards and provides high-quality training of specialists
in the Software Engineering field.

Higher IT School is a team
of teachers
and researchers
who believe that education
is closely intertwined with
the IT industry.

Student-Centered Education

We believe that a student should be an
active participant in his/her educational process.

Our students actively participate and win in hackathons, contests, and programming championships.

High-Quality Training

We try to test and implement the best international practices and use modern teaching technologies such as:

• Flipped classrooms
• Projects
• Problem-solving techniques


We think that programmers learn
when they do something on their own. So from the first year our students learn to develop their own games, then move on to web development, information security, data science, IoT, etc.

Practical approach

The program has several partner companies in Tomsk that take students
for internships during their studies.

Students have to complete a competitive selection process, pass a real interview for getting a paid job as a junior programmer while studying.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates work at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Goodgame as well as find themselves at technology startups,
or in their
own businesses.

What is software engineering?

Software Engineering is a field of Computer Science which studies offer in detail training in software production, development, maintenance, quality, embedded software, and app development (games and entertainment).

Software engineers study a little less of fundamental mathematics than computer scientists (just enough to develop complex systems) and right after completing a degree
in Software Engineering, they can directly
start working as developers.

Main reasons to study
IT specialties:

High salaries

The IT sphere is the leader
in the international labor market
by the level of salaries. The level
of competition in IT is two times lower than in the highly profitable sphere
of raw material extraction.

Growth possibilities

This industry has great prospects
for both skill development and career advancement. A good programmer
can find a job in any country. You can easily choose a company you feel
close to, whether it is an international corporation or a small startup.

Elite segment

In this industry, as a rule, there are exciting and challenging projects,
a comfortable workspace,
friendly relations within
the team.

Careers of graduates
of the Higher IT School
at Tomsk State University:








A unique opportunity to choose the format that best suits your needs.

Offline format

Opportunity to experience living in a new culture, city, and country - Tomsk, Russia.

Life in Tomsk, Russia

• You will have the opportunity not only to visit the most remarkable places of Tomsk but also learn more about
Russian culture, holidays, traditions, and also study Russian Language courses


• You can personally interact with classmates and teachers not only at
the university but also in clubs and various activities: debating clubs,
dance courses, business incubators etc

Comfort and life

• In Tomsk you can live in dormitories equipped with sports halls and study rooms, and in your free time visit lovely historic districts, parks, theaters and many cafes

Online format

The format that gives you interactivity
and transparency
of the learning process.


• Our undergraduate program is available to any student from anywhere in
the world with an Internet connection


• You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home


• Manage your time, watch live or recorded lectures and stay
in touch
with teachers, students and supervisors

Course Description


The basics
of engineering, maths
and computer science
Year 1st, Semester I

Students will be able to develop programme testing plans.
At the introductory level, they will analyze and design programs (based
on requirements and performance considerations).
Also they will learn the main formulas and how to apply them
(the differentiation formulas, formulas in combinatorics etc). And
what else is important is that students are going to learn how
to develop complex mathematical reasoning
and build logical statements.


Learn more about programming
Year 1st, Semester II

Students will understand in depth the principles of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). During this course they will be taught
to creatively approach the development of apps. Also students
are going to work with difficult algorithms
and mathematics.


Study current programming languages,
databases and FrontEnd
Year 2nd, Semester I

In this course students are going to learn to use JavaScriptclasses, basic CSS / HTML techniques, Open MP and threads, functional and logic languages. They will have the opportunity to design and deploy networks, to design a database and a user interface. Also at the end of the course students will develop web pages and a real database application.


Go deeper into Software Engineering
Year 2nd, Semester II

During the course students are going to create a mathematical model of a real-world situation and use that model in simulation. Also they will have opportunities to design databases using Entity Framework and use version control system (GIT), software project management systems as well as to describe the phases of the software engineering life cycle.


Сhoose your way
of developing
in IT/
Software Engineering
Years 3rd-4th

Students`next step is to specialize based on their individual study plans, so they have an opportunity to choose between 3 tracks:

• Practical
Take part in a paid intership in a partner company in Tomsk or elsewhere (about 20 hours per week)

• Scientific
Start a research project with any research team in the university

• Start-Up
Form your team and work on your start-up idea in IT with the guidance of an experienced mentor

In the end, our students will need to present their Bachelor Thesis based on the experience they get during their track period

Our partner companies

Teaching Staff

More than 40 professors, real experts in thair fields, teach at Higher IT School 5 are Ph.D. and 14 are Ph.D. candidates

Alexei Babanov

Candidate of Technical Sciences,
Associate Professor, Creator

of ERM-model

Subjects: Databases

Oleg Zmeev

Vice-Rector for Digital
of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Subjects: Introduction
to Computer Science, Introduction to Systems Analysis,
Development Processes

Alena Yurovskaya

Assistant of Software Engineering Department, UI/UX Designer, Product Designer

Subjects: Mathematics
for Computer Science

Danila Sokolov

Head of TSU Digital Solutions Department, Worked in Huawei, Kontur

Subjects: Introduction
to Software
Engineering, Server Application Development, Programming, Back-end Development

A programme where real software engineers train future software engineers

Our Students

Ammar (Egypt)

Sneha (India)

Justin (Zimbabwe)

How to apply?


Fill in online application form

The candidate should fill
in the application form and prepare the following documents:
Learn More

Take the entrance exams

The candidate must take the online exams in Mathematics
and English.

The exam schedule is assigned to each candidate individually.


Take the entrance exams

The candidate must take the online exams in Mathematics
and English.

The exam schedule is assigned to each candidate individually.


the interview

The candidate must give an online interview in English.

Get the final decision from the Admissions Committee

Candidates are admitted on a competitive basis.


Get the final decision from the Admissions Committee

Candidates are admitted
on a competitive basis.

Tuition Fee

Offline format

289 510 rubles /
per year *

* around 4 530 $ per year according
to a current exchange rate


* 10% discount for UNI fees - for students
who pass
entrance exams with a score higher than 160 points

Online format

289 510 rubles /
per year *

* around 4 530 $ per year according
to a current exchange rate


* favorable discount for UNI fees - for
students who apply for online program


Are there any scholarships?

We have no scholarships for international students, but we provide a 15% discount for students who successfully pass our entrance exams

Is it necessary to pay full year tuition fee at once?

There is no need to pay for the whole year. Payment is made twice a year and 50% of the above amount is due. On this amount you can receive 15% discount.

How can I get a discount?

The maximum score for the two exams is 200 points. So if you get more than 160 points on your entrance exams, you will get a 15% discount on your tuition fees.

How is the admission process conducted?
And what documents do I need to have for admission?

Admission is conducted in three stages.

1) First you need to register via our platform

There you need to upload the following documents:

1. Passport scan. Only an international passport is needed. (copy of the first two pages in high resolution);

2. High school diploma scan (for those who are planning to graduate this year, please submit your last semester academic transcript and a confirmation letter from your school with the graduation date).

3. Language certificate (if available).

*All scans have to be in color and high resolution. Documents that are not of indicated quality will be rejected by the Admission Team.

*All documents must be duly legalized in accordance with Russian and international regulations and translated into the Russian language.

2) Once we have received and processed your documents, we will send you the preparation materials for the English and Maths exams and we will set you a date for the exam. You will then be interviewed on the results of the exam.

3) After you successfully complete the previous process we send you an offer and a study agreement. And from 1 September you start studying.

What exams do I need
to pass for admission
to the university?
What do exams consist of?

We have two entrance exams: Mathematics and English. Both are taken online. English has three parts: grammar, reading and writing. The test is very similar to IELTS. Math is in test form and includes about 13 multiple-choice questions. After applicants send us their documents we send them preparation materials - sample tests.

What is the minimum required to pass exams in order to study at TSU?

You need to get 45 scores out of 100 in maths and 55 scores out of 100 in English.

If I could not attend
the exam, can I change
the date?

Yes, you can. You are given 2 weeks to pass the exams and you are free to choose any of these days. If you need to extend this period of time for personal reasons, please contact the commission representative.

How can I find out the results of the exams?

The results of your math exam will appear imnewstely on the platform, the results of the English exam will be displayed in a few days when our expert checks your written part. Besides, after passing the exams, our representative will contact the applicant, announce the results and help with the further steps.

If I study offline,
will I be provided with accommodation in Tomsk?

Yes, you don't need to worry about it. Place in dormitories is always guaranteed. You will live in one of these newest and most modern buildings which are named the "Mayak" ("Lighthouse") and the «Parus» ("Sail")

How much does it cost to stay in a dormitory?

Accommodation in a hostel costs about 9 thousand rubles a year (about 125$ per year), but in the summer months it is paid separately at a different rate.

Who can I contact if
I have any questions?

Feel free to ask any questions to the representatives, and they'll be happy to answer them. Also we will be glad to see you at the webinar where we talk about the prospects of studying with us, the career opportunities and the conditions of our university and you can ask all your questions as well.

Your application has been successfully accepted!

We will contact you shortly by E-mail or phone.
Make sure you don't miss our message please.

Thank you.

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